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Cucina d'epoca - Antique cuisine

From 23/09/2022 to 25/09/2022 - Camogli

 The 16th century, the Renaissance of culinary arts, is the protagonist of Cucina d'Epoca, the festival directed by Massimo Montanari to be held in Camogli September 23-25, 2022, dedicated to Italian and European cuisine.

A fascinating journey through time between flavors and knowledge, where cuisine becomes a place where nature and culture, wellness and sociality, tradition and innovation intersect.

Three days of meetings, performances, debates, workshops and cooking classes organized by the Municipality of Camogli-Assessorato alla Cultura, FrameFestival della Comunicazione and Ascot-Civ. With the opportunity to enjoy special menus featuring dishes from the period.

All meetings are free and free admission subject to availability.
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