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Portofino Coast focuses on tourism experiences

18/08/2020 -  The COVID-19 emergency does not stop the activity of Portofino Coast which, together with its partners, has developed a series of experiences, aimed at making the stay of Guests who choose the Italian Riviera for their holidays more interesting and pleasant.

At a time like this, it is in fact important to make the most of the resources of the area that add appeal to the tourist offer. Guests need to spend their holiday in complete safety without renouncing to live new and exciting experiences, relying on professionals who know the area well and leave nothing to chance.

And the subject of safety is very important, a safety made of attention and organization, which should not become an obstacle to customer satisfaction, but rather an incentive to live your holiday in peace.

Therefore, not only sea, but also food and wine, nature, sports and hiking.
Moving along one of the most fascinating coasts of the country, or immersed in the beauty of the parks overlooking the sea, in search of hidden treasures of art and culture, authentic flavors, exciting experiences will be possible to discover all the riches of this territory, which does not cease to fascinate and surprise.

The proposals are available at this link