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Passionate show cooking

 Show Cooking has become fashionable today, a widespread and appreciated phenomenon that allows to approach the food differently, transforming the preparation in a spectacular moment.

Shown on TV by famous chefs, proposed in motivational programs, it always draws the attention of those who like to see in addition to taste, and are curious to steal the secrets and the tricks of the trade.

There are specialties in Liguria that are suitable fot this kind of experience, making it pleasant, amusing, useful and easy to achieve.
The first one is Pesto, the cold sauce that is the symbol of the Genoese cuisine. The second one is the famous Cheese Focaccia from Recco, a real delicacy that can be enjoyed in a very restricted territory.

Among its motivational programs for incentive groups, corporate or leisure, Portofino Coast offers tasty dinners with the typical dishes of the Ligurian tradition, combined with an experiential activity of Show Cooking, where it will be also possible for someone to put their "fingers in the pies," as they say, and demonstrate their skill.

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